Judi Rideout


About the Artist:

Judi Rideout eschews anything but the cursory of backgrounds for her wildlife art, prints and posters, preferring to go, as she says, “straight for the jugular. Or in my case, straight for the eyes”. From wolves to bears and moose, Rideout gives viewers an up-close-and-personal look at the world’s most fascinating wildlife habitat, Alaska, her home state for the past 25 years. 

Rideout’s focus on realism has earned her national attention, including invitations to be a featured artist at the prestigious events of the Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show in Seattle, Washington and the Wildlife and Western Heritage Exposition in Houston, Texas. Rideout was People’s Choice Artist of the Year at the 1995 Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show. She has been the recipient of the Award of Excellence from the Society of Animal Artists. Her art, prints and posters have been on numerous tours across the country and on the cover of US Art Magazine. It has also been featured in both Southwest Art Magazine and Alaska Magazine. 

Rideout works strictly in pastels. She credits the pastels for the ability to bring the animals to life. Whether it is trips to Denali Park, Mc Neil River, or play sessions with her dachshunds, the power of observations gets a workout. The results are art, prints and portraits startling for their command of even the minutest of details. Portraits that live up to the daunting task Rideout has set for herself. “My goal is to let people know what an animal looks like up close, to make the person viewing feel like he or she can reach out and touch fur.”

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