Canvas Printing FAQs

What is the best file format, resolution and image size?
A digital camera image of resolution 3 Megapixel or up should work fine. If you're not sure about all the technicalities, don’t worry and just email the file you have and leave it to us to analyze the image. We'll always call you if there is an issue. Whenever possible, please upload the original, un-cropped version of your image that came directly from a digital camera.
If someone sent you a family photo via email – or if you downloaded it from your photo sharing website – assume it is of diminished quality and see if you can get the original instead. Email and web photos may look great on a computer monitor, and they’re certainly easy to transfer due to their small files sizes. But in many cases they are re-saved versions that have been “dumbed down” – stripped of the data that would allow for the best possible quality print.
What about image resizing and cropping?
We will artistically crop your image so it works with the proportions of the canvas size you’ve selected. Sometimes the image you send us just won’t work in the finished size you selected. If that’s the case we’ll call you with an alternative solution. You can always provide any specific instructions or preferences regarding the intended cropping.
Will my image be looked at prior to printing?
Absolutely! We carefully check every image prior to commencing work on your order. Among other things, we check to make sure that the image you've submitted is suitable for enlargement at the size you've requested. We review your image to ascertain if cropping will be necessary, and if so, we make sure that the final composition will be pleasing at the size and shape you’ve requested. If we encounter any issues whatsoever with your image – or if we have suggestions for a different size, shape or technique we think will work better than one you’ve selected – we will contact you. You can leave the worries to us. We treat every image we receive as if it were one of our own, so we guarantee your canvas will be stunning!
What type of printer, inks and canvas do you use?
We use top of the line, Large-Format Professional Inkjet Printers combined with genuine UltraChrome HDR Inks – the most advanced pigmented archival inks that exist.
We print your image at 1440 dpi on a super heavy-duty Made in America poly/cotton Museo Artistry Canvas approved by the Fine Art Trade Guild. We seal your canvas with an innovative archival UV protected top-coat  finish, the best in the business. We use kiln-dried solid wood stretcher bars to mount your finished artwork.
Our printers, inks, canvas and coating formulation are each their respective industry’s leaders. Your search for quality ends at Canvas Fine Art!
What makes you different from online canvas printing companies?
Canvas Fine Art printing offers superior-quality materials, consistently meticulous craftsmanship, attractive prices, and  personalized customer service. Others use thin, cheap imported ink and canvas that fade and crack over time and many do not even coat their canvas. Unlike the big labs that don't even look at your images before sending them to print.
Canvas Fine Art handle each and every step without automation – on a continuing mission to make your prints look their very best. Our commitment to excellence – and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – mean you can rest assured that when you purchase a custom canvas from us, you will receive a winning combination of superior quality, great service and exceptional value.
At Canvas Fine Art, we adhere to the rigorous production standards for genuine "Giclée" canvas prints. In addition to utilizing only the highest quality inkjet canvas and archival inks available, every canvas is sealed with a protective top-coat to ensure preservation of color and to protect against humidity and other environmental hazards.

Controlled laboratory tests performed by Wilhelm Imaging Research, the world's leading authorities on art print longevity, show that canvases produced using our combination of equipment and materials are rated to resist fading and deterioration for more than 200 years. (The canvases printed by most labs are produced only to “Art Decor” standards, rated to last three to ten years.) If shown the same care customary for any piece of fine artwork, the canvas you order from us today will continue to be radiant for generations to come!

More About Printing

Unstretched Canvas:  When you choose the “unstretched” option, your image will be printed on our Premium Archival Canvas at the size you specify – with approximately 1 1/2" of additional unprinted canvas on all four sides to accommodate stretching.  After sealing your canvas with our 200 year UV protective coating, it will be carefully rolled and sleeved in a sturdy mailing tube or you can pick it up in the studio.

Stretched Frame-Ready:  Our “stretched” canvases are frame-ready - sized to fit into a vast majority of frames and mouldings.  After sealing your canvas with our 200 year UV protective coating, it will be professionally stretched on standard 3/4" solid wood stretcher bars, with your final image displayed entirely on the front side.

Canvas UV Coated is Included:  Our canvas giclée are coated with a stunning finish- somewhere between gloss and semi-gloss.  This coating offers the best saturation and contrast without the drawbacks of high gloss.

We use a machine to coat the canvas.  We do not use sprays and rollers which can leave a spotty or uneven finish.  Our process enhances the image and makes the surface uniform.  It prolongs the life of the image and protects against fingerprints, smudges, abrasions and offers complete UV protection.